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At Larnswick 3D we are model railway and engineering enthusiast’s. Who like to share our creations and aids with likeminded hobbyist’s and modelmakers.

Model rail, road, and custom items are all catered for. Plus hobby electronic accessories for Arduinos and Raspberries of all flavours.

Our own layouts are in OO and 009 gauge. A micro N gauge layout is under construction. For an explanation of model scales in the UK this is a good article at World of Railways.

However we can 3D print to any scale. Single model colour printing in up to 3 colours or a blend of 3 colours is also possible.

Larnswick Market Square with 3D printed items

Modelling is a fantastic hobby.

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Many people became socially isolated.

Consequently having a pastime or hobby. Has never been more important. For the mental health and wellbeing of many people. Particularly when restricted to indoor activities.

Hobbies give you an opportunity to enhance your life. Hobbies allow you to destress yourself while remaining mentally productive.

Having hobbies promotes better health and may lower the risk of having high blood pressure.

Enjoying a few hours of your hobby a week can also reduce the risk of depression and dementia

Larnswick 3D have developed aids and tools to help ourselves. Now making them available online. To help assist enjoyment for all ages and abilities.

Contact us if we can help you with bespoke enabling items. We can replicate any of the 3D items you may see on our layout.

Larnswick 3D Printing

Furthermore alongside our own designs and products. We also provide a 3D printing service for your own designs.

Please add your files to our utility here to get an instant delivery inclusive quotation. It will be our pleasure to work with you.

We mainly use eco PLA Filament.

PLA is an abbreviation for Polylactic Acid . It is a plastic material that is prepared from vegetables. Mostly cornstarch.

Cornstarch is biodegradable and renewable.

PLA filaments are available in different colours. Subsequently making them a great choice for many applications.

Filament can be blended with other materials. Obtaining unique blends and vibrant shades that are aesthetically pleasing.

At Larnswick 3D we love using, wood, carbon fibre and marble PLA mixes.

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