A Fictitious small scale model town in the UK. Based around an OO gauge and 009 gauge model railway and tramway. The location that provides the inspiration for our 3D printing and laser cutting exploits.

Building started in April 2020, bought about by the Covid-19 virus and the first lockdown in the UK. Having been interested in modelling and engineering for over 5 decades. We decided that it would be a good way to keep us occupied whilst shielding. Little did we know where it would take us!


Due to health related problems working on the project is not proving as easy as it was say 30 years ago.

Part of the fun has been creating aids and gadgets to enable work to proceed, and more importantly to be enjoyable.

This website is designed to share with you some of our projects, and hopefully help you get the same level of enjoyment as us. Whatever your age or ability.

We have also designed and developed lots of different items. For 009 and OO gauge, and use, test and improve them on our layout.

A broad range of hobbies and interests including electronics, website design and model making. Incorporating 3D printing and laser cutting has really helped us blend all of the activities together.

As 2021 begins, due to interest in our items. We are now offering them for sale here and also provide a bespoke service.