Starting 2021 in a Covid-19 lockdown. Never before has modelling, been more important to my personal mental health. Now 10 months in to social isolation. I hope that sharing the developments at Larnswick can help others.

This week has seen many things happening as both of us have been working on the layout. Also our 3D printing has kept us busy as other enthusiast’s and modellers acquire items from us from our shop or via EBay.

Building developments.

New Building tried for size.

Another 3D printed building designed printed, and ready for installation next week after we add some interior detailing.

Bridge and goods yard.

Goods yard with new bridge in background

Our goods yard with gauge interchange, where narrow gauge (099) meet standard gauge (OO gauge), currently we are designing a crane for the loading deck

Campers and new 3D Printed trailer.

Campsite with new campers arriving today in a Vauxhall Cresta and 3D printed trailer.

Electronic developments – a different method to uncouple rolling stock.

Design requirements

This must be the finest thread I have ever worked with!

A micro stepper motor will be at the heart of the unit

The prototype bracket design, to be made from 3D printed PLA

I have just ordered some translucent filament from the trackside elements of the design.

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